Lenoh Youki (lenoh) wrote in modestoislame,
Lenoh Youki

Modesto is now a little bit lamer.

Nexus is closing, so Modesto now has no computer cafes.

LAN 5150 was a good cafe, but was just ran badly by people that took large amounts of money and then lied about the details of it when confronted. Despite this though, they had a good spread of console games, and there was always competition in the owners' son. Little guy was GOOD.

Nexus was good when it was downtown, but it was even better when it was on Oakdale. It will be missed. And the best thing was that they had a weekly newsletter with "buy at least an hour, get an hour free" deals.


Speaking of Modesto being lame, how about them arcades we have? Lame as shit.

Funworks? It's been lame for years. Seriously, I'll bet they're still touting that OMG WE HAVE BOWLING ALLEYS. Rip those out and install Derby Owners' Club guys :P You might make more money.

Boomers signed its own death warrant when they let CvS2 die. Their best game is fucking DDR SuperNOVA now. Not even DDR X. Fuck Boomers.
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