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Fuck the 209

Meth Capital of the WORLLDDDD

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For anyone who is from or near Modesto and formally from Modesto.
modestoislame is a community for people from Modesto, near modesto or anyone who shares the idea that modesto really is lame. Here you can post about up coming events in Modesto (if there were to be any), shows, why modesto is lame, etc. Who cares, its an open community but please, keep it civil even though I like drama. If you don't, your ass will be kicked out. It's fun having some sort of control.


I've now come to terms with Modesto, and I have realized it isn't so bad once you get past the drugs and prostitutes which are nearly everywhere now. I'm hoping people will revitalize this community and use it to further Modesto's agenda from the young and the old. Long live Modesto ! (lmao)