Papa Chubby (untied) wrote in modestoislame,
Papa Chubby


Hey guys- wanted to get the word out to local folks about thrill the world. We have about a month to go before a bunch of Modesto folks participate in an international, record breaking dance number.

On October 25th at 11 a.m. participants around the globe will dance to Micheal Jackson's "thriller" simultaneously.

Come out with us to learn the dance, dress up in your goriest zombie gear, and maybe raise some money for Maddox Youth center on Modesto south side.

The dance is easy to learn (you can do it in an afternoon, even if you haven't seen it before!) and it should be a good time. There's a new community created just for local participants, so if you're interested, go to
or check out the main page at

it sucks here sometimes, but YOU can do something about it. make people stop and stare, and make modesto suck a little less.
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